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In less than a week is the hottest event in Europe going to be started! TUGA IT is from May 18th until the 20th with a variety of sessions and workshops. When I look at the lineup of all these great speakers you are really in for a treat! This year is the first time that I'm going to present there so I'm really excited! And I'm going to give not one but two presentations!

At May 19th, I'm going to talk about Building a Web API with ASP.NET Core. This is an important topic because Microsoft is moving into multiple directions so to speak. in one hand you have ASP.NET and in the other one ASP.Net Core. So what is the difference and when do you have to use ASP.NET Core?
First I'm going to talk about what ASP.NET Core is and show some of the features. I'm going to show several demos and the first one is how you can develop a Web API with ASP.NET Core and of course how Dependency Injection works in ASP.NET Core because that is a really nice feature. Another nice demo is about the performance in ASP.NET Core. In the demo I'm going to show the differences between the performance of a Web APP in .NET and a Web API in .NET Core. And last but not least, Microsoft has just released a preview of .NET Core 2.0 so hopefully I have time to prepare my demos and include that also!
.NET Core 2.0








The second presentation that I'm going to give is at May 20 and is about how to use DocumentDB to make your API App high performant and how you can secure it with API Management. In this session I'm going to show how to create an API App that uses DocumentDB to store and retrieve data as JSON documents. Then I'm going to secure the Web API with to API Management and use it in combination with Web Apps to expose the API. Also DocumentDB is in motion because this week is CosmosDB released. Again hopefully I have time to adjust my presentation a bit and include CosMosDB also in my presentation!





So stay tuned on Twitter for the latest updates and hopefully see you in Lisbon at TUGA IT 2017!

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