Using the API Management APIs-PREVIEW blade in the new Azure Portal

Microsoft is working hard on transitioning all the UI from the Publisher Portal to the new Azure Portal. About a month is the new APIs blade in public preview so now it’s available to everyone. I’m very excited about this because it has also some new features like how to connect your API to other Azure resources as a backend!



First open API Management in the New Azure Portal and click in the Settings on APIs - PREVIEW to create or import an API.
As part of the new design Microsoft aims to provide a seamless way to connect your API to other Azure resources as a backend. They have started with the ability to add a Logic App, WADL and a WSDL file.  Microsoft plans to gradually add support for other resource types like for example Functions and API Apps.
APIM - Add a new API
Creating a blank API Create from an OpenAPI specification works similar like in the Publisher Portal but the user interface is a little more sophisticated and user friendly.
APIM - Create from OpenAPI specification
Now you have also the ability to add a Logic App as a new API or set it as the backend endpoint for an API. Click on Browse to select a Logic App from your Subscription.
APIM - Create from Logic App
To create an API from a WSDL you can set the URI or upload the WSDL.
APIM - Create from WSDL
The new experience integrates API design and policy definition. For designing APIs there is now a full-fidelity form-based UI.
APIM - Design GET
It also now has a Swagger editor that you can use to modify the Swagger file.
APIM - Swagger
When you have published an API you don’t have to go to the Developer portal anymore to test it. This can now be done directly in the management surface!
APIM - Design GET - Test



I really like the new look and feel. The user interface is more sophisticated and user friendly. Also there are several new features like connecting your API to other Azure resources as a backend and for example the integrated Swagger editor. However there are still a lot of features in the Publisher Portal that have to be migrated so hopefully that’s going to be soon because I really can’t wait!

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